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The Client

Lowery Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is an HVAC and plumbing service provider for the greater Lubbock area. Offering both commercial and residential services across a variety of different industries, Lowery is constantly looking for ways to expand their brand recognition and market share in and around the South Plains.

The Challenge

Lowery encountered a plateau in its organic growth. On one hand, they were enjoying a strong market share for high-volume keywords, but their competitors were making significant inroads with long-tail keywords, leading to a decline in Lowery’s organic traffic. Compounding this issue was the state of Lowery’s video library, which had become somewhat dated. This combination of issues pointed to a critical need for Lowery to refresh its approach, not only by enhancing its SEO strategy to counteract the gains made by competitors in long-tail keywords but also by rejuvenating its video library to overcome the cognitive dissonance surrounding its existing TV spots and re-engage its audience effectively.

The Results

To address Lowery’s marketing hurdles, we chose a careful approach that prioritized tweaking and optimizing existing strategies over complete overhauls. Initially, we took a step back to evaluate the existing strategy, identifying what was effective and pinpointing areas for enhancement. This led to the decision to overhaul Lowery’s website, updating its structure to reflect the latest best practices in web design and SEO. The impact of this renovation was swift and profound: within weeks of launching the revamped site, Lowery’s organic traffic saw a significant resurgence. By the three-month mark, the company was ranking for more keywords than ever, securing a first-page presence for terms across the region. Building on this momentum, we expanded our innovative efforts by traveling to Tampa Bay to leverage advanced filming technology inspired by the techniques used in “The Mandalorian.” This venture into cutting-edge visual effects enabled us to create a commercial that was both extraordinary and captivating, further distinguishing Lowery in the marketplace. These combined marketing efforts yielded remarkable results, demonstrating the power of targeted improvements and technological innovation in driving brand visibility and engagement.

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