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About Us

about GriffinWink, About Us


Since 1975, GriffinWink has helped hundreds of businesses grow across West Texas and the country. Through years of hard work and determination, our agency has learned to take advantage of local, regional, and national media along with production vendors. With decades of experience in all forms of media, both traditional and digital, our team provides unmatched dedication and success in all that we do. Let’s take a look at how we got here.

A Little Bit of History...

Our agency, Womack, Claypoole, Griffin Advertising, was originally founded in Odessa, Texas by T.W. “Jack” Womack in 1953. After expanding its operations and opening new offices in West Texas, a Lubbock branch was opened in 1972. By 1975, the agency was a totally separate profit center, operating under the name of W.C. Griffin Advertising, Inc. In 1988, after changing the name to The Griffin Group, Inc., our advertising agency was fully recognized by all media associations – national, regional, and local.

about GriffinWink, About Us


about GriffinWink, About Us


When Griffin Got The Wink

When Gerald “Jerry” Griffin retired in June 2002, Rusty Griffin took over ownership and operations of the company. Randy Wink became a partner with Rusty Griffin on July 1, 2006, as COO/Partner. Also joining the team was Brian Wink, VP of Sales and Marketing. At this time, the name was officially changed to what it is today: GriffinWink Advertising.

about GriffinWink, About Us


about GriffinWink, About Us


Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: We are a growth company dedicated to delivering progressive marketing solutions. We ask questions, seek answers, and educate team members to continually challenge the status quo.

VISION: Our passion will evolve our business and grow our clients.

about GriffinWink, About Us


about GriffinWink, About Us


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