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Platinum Luxury Apartments.



Platinum Luxury Apartments


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The Client

Platinum Luxury Apartments is a LEED Platinum certified high-end multi-family community in the culturally and artistically vibrant Nob Hill Neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The property’s prime location and unique amenities set it apart as a premier choice for professionals seeking an elevated lifestyle.


Platinum’s original website was built to be as unique and exciting as the property itself. However, over time, lack of support for the site’s complicated back end caused the site’s code to slowly deprecate. In addition, many elements of the site’s unique User Interface were creating an overcomplicated experience for prospects trying to locate leasing information and availability.

The Results

GriffinWink’s goal was to bring the Platinum property’s simple, modern elegance to the online experience. Our web development team designed a sleek, simplified website focused on the prospect’s journey to find the most pertinent information while showcasing the property’s amenities and lifestyle along the way.

Despite many recent multi-family properties opening in the same area, continued commitment to modern luxury both on-site and online has helped keep Platinum’s units full and the community thriving.

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