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Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.

LHUCA website mockup



Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts


Web Design & Development


Performing Arts

The Client

LHUCA is a visual and performing arts center in the heart of the Lubbock Cultural District that helps foster a thriving arts community. LHUCA is recognized as a driving force behind the downtown revitalization plan, using the arts to stimulate economic development. LHUCA has a broad-based constituency, due in part because it is the organizer of the First Friday Art Trail, a free, community-wide event that brings 3,000 plus people each month to the LHUCA campus. LHUCA also partners with numerous departments at Texas Tech University, local non­profits, and local K-12 programs. Each year, 60,000 people benefit from LHUCA’s programs and services. Since 2017, Rusty Griffin has been on LHUCA’s Flatland Film Festival committee, so he seized the opportunity for GriffinWink to build LHUCA’s new site.

The Challenge

project description here

The Results

The new site was a blank canvas, so Rusty and our team (of artists at heart) worked closely with LHUCA. Collectively, we crafted a new site worthy of LHUCA’s mission of inspiring people to engage with the arts.

Let’s build
something together.

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