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Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre.

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Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre


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The Client

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre, or simply THEO, is a Chicago-area theatre company staging award-winning productions in a uniquely immersive setting. Theo strives to offer a retreat where people from all backgrounds gather together and celebrate Theatre, Music, Art, Cuisine, and Spirits. Theo has sought to not only examine the human condition onstage but also to uplift the spirits of all who enter our shared space.

The Challenge

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre sought an updated brand image to better represent the company’s artistic and forward-thinking mission. Additionally, they felt their aging website did not truly represent their creativity and could be more effective at explaining their mission and values. The company desired to have a brand image as vibrant and provocative as the shows they produced.

The Results

Working alongside Theo’s board of directors, GriffinWink sought to build a brand identity inextricably linked to the company’s core mission and values. The resulting logo and brand book introduced a clear and grounded concept that invites further research to gain full understanding and appreciation. Our creative team then used this concept as the jumping-off point to inject THEO’s online image with the bold theatricality and polished professionalism the troupe displays onstage.

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