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Is your company seeing in 20/20 for the upcoming year? As the holiday season approaches, your schedule is likely to fill up, and plans for the upcoming year can get placed on the back burner. Don’t wait to make a marketing plan amid the busiest time of year. Beginning to plan now can ensure that your budget, analytics, and marketing goals for 2020 are in full swing.

Review your year.

  • Did you meet your marketing goals?
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t and why?

How do you want to see yourself grow next year?

Having reviewed your year, reflect on the growth and advancements your company has made. What goals are you still wanting to reach? Which areas could still use improvement? Planning for the upcoming year with an agency is the ideal way to go. We specialize in marketing plans, strategies, budgets, and pride ourselves in transforming our client’s goals into a reality. 

Review trends with your agency strategists.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the latest trends, that’s what we’re here for! We stay informed on all things trending in the marketplace and on social media to ensure that your company is flourishing in your respective market. Planning with an agency will secure your relevance among the competition with informed strategies, rather than an often unsuccessful guess-and-check method.  

Based on your discoveries from the above research, what will be your goals for the coming year?

Setting goals is incredibly important to make sure that your company is growing and headed in the right direction. By creating a plan with an agency, we can sit down and help you pinpoint what you want to happen within the upcoming year, and when. Setting and hitting goals is vital to keep your company expanding and improving with each year. 

Determine your budget for the coming year.

Let’s get down to business. What areas do you want to spend more or less money? What worked last year, and what didn’t? As true with many life objectives, you get out what you put into it. The same goes for marketing and advertising. Budgeting and finding cost-efficient solutions to advance your company in the marketplace is the ideal way to get the most out of your advertising. A reasonable budget leads to more marketing, more clientele, and more publicity for your company. 

Work with your agency to determine your strategy and build a media plan.

We Can Help

We help clients address the above checklist each and every year. Media planning is what we do, and we’re darn good at it. Now is the time to create your ideal marketing strategy for 2020, and we’re here to help you see through the clutter. For a clear vision, call GriffinWink to help piece together your future marketing plan.

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