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westwind video box





Graphic Design


3D Printing

The Client

Westwind is a dedicated provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for government and enterprise business markets. Two of their flagship services are IT solutions and 3D printing.

The Challenge

Westwind engaged GriffinWink to help promote their 3D printing services and provide their sales team with unique promotional material to showcase their capabilities. In Partnership with HP’s 3D printing division, Westwind wanted to plan a campaign to specifically target hospitals and healthcare providers to promote medical-grade 3D printing technology.

The Results

To catch the attention of the high-level decision-makers targeted by this campaign, GriffinWink developed an interactive, multi-channel marketing piece. The video box format provided three unique opportunities to inform and entice the recipient.

The box serves as a highly-branded informational piece, showcasing Westwind and their ability to… think outside the box…
The video screen in the interior of the box lid allowed the recipient to scroll through several branded videos showcasing HP’s 3d printing technology and its variety of uses.
The box interior included a small 3D printed sample provided by Westwind and targeted directly to the recipient, putting the final product right in their hand.

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