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Many businesses tend to face similar challenges of finding efficient ways to market their brand and products to current and potential customers– this is where email marketing comes into play. As emails may seem like a thing of the past, it can be essential for all marketing efforts. This medium allows you to reach your audience and provides aspects that not all marketing tactics have– automations. Email automations enable companies to personalize, target, and send timely emails that follow customers’ responses and drive conversion rates. Below, you’ll find more information on email marketing and automations and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.      

Email Marketing    

Many people wonder what email marketing is now and if it is still a worthwhile tactic for small business owners. The answer is yes. Email marketing is crucial for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to promote your business’s latest products or services to your audience and can also play a pivotal role in teaching people about your brand and keeping consumers engaged in between purchases. Email marketing also works closely with email automations, and when implemented together, they create the ultimate sales funnel   

Email Automations  

Email automations are an efficient way of creating emails to reach the right people with the right message at the right time– without having to do the work every time. Integrating email automations into your email marketing strategy is a crucial component for success. While there are many significant aspects to developing your social media presence, below are some of its top benefits.    

Personalize your customers’ experience  

The truth of the matter is that customers love personalization– according to Statista, 90% of consumers find personalized content very appealing. Here, you can create customizable emailing based on your subscriber’s unique qualities such as gender, location, birthday, interests, purchase behavior, and more. Automation allows you to create a series of emails that will automatically be sent to a specific audience. In turn, this will allow you to easily grow your relationship between your customers and your business.    

Track Responses   

With automated emails, you can collect more information from each customer. Pick up key information and learn whether your recipient:  

  • Opens your emails   
  • Clicks through to your site   
  • Uses a coupon   
  • Buys the suggested product   
  • Continues to browse through your site  

As you target specific audiences with automated emails, you can track their response and learn more about your shoppers– allowing you to plan your next marketing action. As you track responses, you can see if the recipients are opening emailsclicking on an offerand determine whether your email marketing tactics are successful.     

Improve Customer Retention Rate  

Implementing tactics that bring your customer back to your website is essential for your business. Luckily, with automation, you can stay in touch better than ever. Improve customer retention rates by creating and scheduling messages so your customers don’t go too long without hearing from you.    

Overall, email marketing and automation helps you find your audience and engage with your customers in the most efficient way possible. Unlike manual campaigns, automation runs behind the scene as you tend to other marketing tasks. Combing automation within your email marketing strategy will help strengthen your overall marketing efforts and grow your business across every touchpoint.

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