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Do You Have Domain Access?*
Note: We will need access to the domain to make the website live.
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Do you have any brand guidelines? (i.e. specific colors/fonts)*
(i.e. colors, company name usage, fonts, etc.)
(i.e. donations, newsletter sign-up, referrals)
(i.e. clean, full-width, user-friendly, modern, video backgrounds, white space, largephotos)
(i.e. colors, homepage slider, prominent donate button)
Will your website connect to an email marketing platform?*
Will Your Site Include a Donation Form?
Will Your Site Include a Google Map?
Will Your Site Include a Gallery or Portfolio?
Do You Need Multiple Categories?
Do You Need to Include Product Descriptons?
Will portfolio items open into a lightbox or go towards their own project page?
Will Your Site Include Ecommerce Functionality?*
(i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Square,
Do You Offer Various Sizes/Colors?
Do You Need to Add Additional Features & Functionality?
(Note: stock photos are $10/each, custom photos require a separate estimate.)
Please note: While we work to accommodate your timeline, we charge a fee for expedited website development. Also note, turnaround time depends on our access to and creations of assets and content required for the site.
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