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Social Media is the evolution of communication, and it’s here to stay.

Social media is the new era of media

Social media is the new era of media and it is here to stay. One of the hardest challenges for a business is to embrace this change, which appeared suddenly and continues to expand and develop at an exponential rate. There are almost limitless possibilities to expose and develop a brand through a variation of free and paid platforms that continually grow and evolve. One of the biggest obstacles is overcoming a landscape developed for consumer-to-consumer interaction, and turning it into business-to-consumer interaction. Online interaction has now become a branding game, from Snapchat filters to hashtags. It is almost impossible to interact online without developing some kind of brand. Businesses must be able to navigate these waters to cultivate their brand online. When doing this, you attract like-minded brands created by consumers who are now interested in what you must say. Lubbock businesses must leave the dark ages and embrace the new era to develop their brand online and through social media management create content that engages and convinces online users that associating their brand with yours is beneficial to them.

Every business needs a niche online...

Every business needs a niche online, which is where GriffinWink comes in. We have years of experience navigating these tricky waters and while doing so, creating lasting brands that impact the online community in beneficial and intriguing ways. We offer our expertise in a vast variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and YouTube. We expand our knowledge daily with the newly emerging platforms so that we are always on top of our game and yours. We understand not every platform is for you. Working together as a team we determine what is the best move for each client individually and then come up with a business plan based on the platforms you need to help your business grow and thrive. GriffinWink doesn’t believe in excess fat, we keep our client’s lean so their dollars are going to good use and not being wasted, just the way we run our business.  Our social media management in Lubbock advertising is unmatched.

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