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A social media presence is vital for businesses as it is becoming one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. Social media can drive sales, build awareness, develop customer relationships, and enhance business credibility and reputation; however, this cannot be done overnight. A social media manager implements the strategic plans needed for optimal success. 

Unfortunately, for a business owner, time can be sparse. While balancing work duties, incorporating social media can seem daunting. Therefore, the role of a social media manager becomes much more significant. Employers can direct their attention toward their business by allowing a social media specialist to execute marketing tasks.  

Organic Content 

Organic content refers to posts on social media where supplemental money is not spent to increase their visibility. Organic material can be videos, pictures, text, or a combination. When producing content, social media algorithms make it visible to a small portion of your page’s audience. Our social media managers can keep up with these algorithms and create content that an audience will want to engage with.

Your page’s audience must engage with the posts by either sharing, commenting, or reacting to them. If the content is ignored, it will not appear on more Facebook users’ newsfeeds. If each post is interacted with, it will appear on more user’s newsfeed, allowing for a wider audience.


Social media managers can develop a social media strategy by outlining their client’s business goals and setting measurable objectives to achieve greater campaign success. At GriffinWink, our social media managers continuously work at understanding the specifics that the ever-changing social media algorithm favors. They also consider audiences and what they value on social media and begin creating content that aligns with what the audiences commonly interact with on platforms. 

Content Creation 

At GriffinWink, we know how to cut through the noise to make your business stand out. We provide social management packages that have design and production time built-in so that each post contains captivating images or videos. Content creation is where our belief in traditional advertising comes into play. While social media might seem entirely digital, posts that go without traditional graphics or video production may fall short. Our social media managers want to take the extra steps for your business to make sure your social media feed is vibrant and engaging for all who see your posts. 


Consumer engagement is crucial for the success of social media; this involves interacting with consumers through various social media platforms. Regardless of whether you want to increase the number of likes on a page, drive traffic to your social posts, or build a following, a campaign will fall flat without user engagement. At GriffinWink, our social media managers can increase the target audience, social activity, and create valuable content. While we cannot reveal all the tricks we have up our sleeve, we work every single day to find the most effective methods of posting content that drive user engagement. 

Some of the methods we use to create organic engagement include:

  • Dynamic calls to action
  • Running exclusive giveaways or discount offers
  • Featuring useful content links to your website
  • Tagging and partnering with influencers 
  • Including rich media assets

Social media is immersed in opportunities for businesses. At GriffinWink, our social media management team has the expertise to drive sales, build awareness, develop customer relationships, and overall enhance business credibility and reputation. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can take your social media game into the stratosphere!

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