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SEO Onboarding Questionnaire

  • Login credentials for domain provider:

  • Who built your current website (select one)?

  • If yes Login credentials for the backend of your website:
  • If yes, please add with at least a manager role. To do this, go to your Google My Business page, navigate to “users” on the left side tab. There you can add users and give them permissions.
  • List 3 Goals You Have For This SEO Campaign (increase traffic, increase phone calls, increase ranking, increase sales, increase conversions, etc.)
  • What keywords do you want to rank for on Google?
  • Where do you want to rank (select one)? State and National SEO campaigns require custom quotes.
  • If yes, please add to the account.
    • To do this, go to your Google Analytics account page.
    • Click the Admin button in the bottom lefthand corner, there is a gear logo next to it.
    • Under the account tab, go to account user management.
    • Then click the blue circle with a plus sign in the top right-hand corner.
    • Select add users. Then enter the email address listed above and check all boxes excluding “manage users”.
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