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Listen up! Millions of people are blasting their favorite tunes every day, why not have them blast your advertisements as well? Like your favorite song, this idea sounds great — but which platform is the best for your business and target audience? Don’t touch that dial just yet; keep reading to find out which platform will get your business bumping. 


As one of the most powerful mediums in the United States, radio advertisements provide a reliable way to reach your niche demographic. Most radio listeners are loyal to specific networks, giving companies the perfect chance to build brand loyalty in a local market. By enforcing brand awareness, radio advertisements allow businesses to tell listeners about new promotions, sponsorship packages, or upcoming events in the local area. One of the main considerations when choosing a platform is your target demographic. 

Some things to consider are: 

  • Who they are: Age and Gender
  • What they listen to: Station Preference
  • Where they listen: Geolocation
  • When they listen: Daypart
  • How they listen: Technographic 


Pandora entered the market as the first digital streaming service in 2010. The company’s popularity grew quickly as its users discovered how it helped them discover new music that was similar to what they were listening to. Pandora’s strength still lies in helping its users discover new music. 

Pandora also allows for the targeting of specific audiences based on several different factors ranging from basic demographic info all the way to what and how they listen to Pandora. 

Noteworthy Pandora statistics for business owners: 

  • 85 million monthly unique visitors 
  • Average 18 hours spent per listener monthly
  • #1 platform in mobile time spent 
  • 2,000+ connected devices
  • 190+ car models
  • #1 in 86 U.S. markets


Spotify advertisement targeting works a little differently than many might expect. It targets the IP address of a user’s current Spotify session. As Spotify targets the IP address rather than account location information, it allows those visiting from out of the area to be advertised to, instead of only the local populations. 

Spotify can be listened to on a mobile device, desktop application, or connected device. Their advertisements run coherently across different platforms, making sure that no matter what device is being used to stream music, your advertisement will find the audience you are targeting. 

Noteworthy Spotify statistics for business owners: 

  • 123 million ad-supported monthly active users
  • +40 million songs
  • +3 billion playlists

Demographic breakdown by age: 

  • Age 13-17: 11%
  • Age 18-24: 35%
  • Age 25-34: 27%
  • Age 34-44: 14%
  • Age 45+: 13%

As one of the most popular streaming platforms, Spotify can ensure that your business is reaching the right audience. With the highest demographic percentages aging from 18-34, Spotify is the ideal platform for businesses wanting to reach a younger demographic. 

GriffinWink Advertising is ready to help you turn the volume up on your business. For more information on GriffinWink Advertising and our digital services, visit today.

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