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Rico Aviation

  • Client: Rico Aviation

  • Website:

  • Location: Amarillo, Texas

  • Industry: Medical Aviation

  • Year Relationship Formed: 2016


Client Summary:

In 2016, Rico Aviation approached us for a full branding refresh including video and print production. After exceeding their expectations in the scope of our initial work, we went on to design Rico Aviation’s website and continue to manage their digital advertising and production today.

Website Redesign

Rico Aviation has a long and rich history in the Texas panhandle. They are known for their integrity and care as a company. This family-owned business realized it was time for a brand image change when new medical aviation companies started to promote their services in Rico’s territories. 

Rico Aviation sought us out to develop a branding campaign to re-establish themselves as the most trusted, longest-running, and patient-first air medical solution in the region. One of the main focuses of the campaign was the development and creation of a robust web platform for visitors to quickly educate themselves about medical aviation and learn more about Rico Aviation as a whole. 

Understanding that a gap in understanding exists between what Rico does, and what the public believes they do, the new website was designed to walk visitors through the information gathering process. It was vital to educate the public about differences between air ambulance providers as well as what to expect when a need for air transport arises.

Through transparency, the Rico Aviation website looked to demystify the sometimes nebulous process of medical aviation transportation. This transparency helped gain valuable community trust and a level of recognition befitting a company that has been operating in the region for over a quarter-century. 

Our ultimate goal with the website redesign was to establish Rico as Air Medical’s voice in the Texas Panhandle. Since medical aviation is rarely thought about until someone needs specific services, increasing the public’s awareness of the industry was of paramount importance as well. 

To combat the cognitive dissonance associated with the industry, the Rivo Aviation website features an informative blog that covers a range of different topics. This blog serves as an introduction to Rico Aviation for the public, who might initially visit the website for a blog topic, but in turn, learn more about Rico and medical aviation as a whole. 

The branding campaign surrounding the launch of the new website resulted in thousands of new visitors each month to the site. Even today, Rico Aviation sees an influx of unique visitors each month. The engagement team noted a significant increase in awareness for the Rico brand. This increase created a platform from which the Rico team could address ethical practices within the air medical field. Addressing these concerns held competitors accountable and, allowed for meaningful conversations with the public. 

Public sentiment and engagement for Rico Aviation sky-rocketed, increasing Rico’s average of 30-40 flights per month to 60 flights per month by the end of the first year. In all, this project provides a valuable case study in effective content marketing and showcases the importance of a 360-degree approach to brand building. The lessons learned from the Rico website build and the entire Rico Branding Campaign have been used as best practices in countless campaigns to help build brands across the Southwest.

Personnel: Kevin Wade, Market Director and Todd Tidwell, Production Director


Since 2016, Rico Aviation has opened an additional hangar to accommodate the growth they have experienced as a company. They have launched a mobile application for quick transportation deployment and continue to thrive as a medical aviation provider in the American Southwest.