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Catalina West

  • Client: Catalina West

  • Website:

  • Location: Lubbock, Texas

  • Industry: Apartments and Housing

  • Year Relationship Formed: 2018


Client Summary:

Coming to us with a need for both traditional and digital services, we provided a beautiful new website, captivating print pieces, and a comprehensive digital advertising campaign.
Personnel: Donovan Bennett, Sr. Graphic Designer and Chandler Campbell, Graphic Designer

Stair-Stepped Brochure

The client approached us with a direct-mail coupon stair-stepped booklet and asked if we could create something similar for them. We eagerly accepted the challenge and began drawing sketches of the layout. This project required several mathematical calculations to make sure spacing and design elements came out perfectly in the stair-stepped layout. 


In order to effectively engage the client’s target audience, the stair-step brochure utilized clear imagery in line with Catalina West’s aesthetic of rustic luxury. By clearly communicating information in an attractive and original manner, the consumers of this media are more likely to hold onto this brochure throughout the decision-making process of choosing their new apartment home. 


After the revision process, the piece went to the print. In the end, the client was absolutely thrilled with the final product. The stair-step brochure can be used for several years to come. The brochure has already helped Catalina West achieve its goals of reaching capacity for their leased apartments. 

As an agency, we gained several insights from this project. We learned how to utilize algebra and new paper folding skills and combined the two to create an elaborate stair-stepping piece that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and effective in communicating its intended message.



Catalina West reached capacity even during its low season, and successfully pre-leased nearly all of the townhomes which are still under construction.