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ABC Rodeo

  • Client: Lubbock AMBUCs

  • Website:

  • Location: Lubbock, Texas

  • Industry: Charitable Organization

  • Year Relationship Formed: 2013


Client Summary:

In 2013, the Lubbock chapter of AMBUCs (American Business Club), asked us to partner with them to advertise their main fundraiser, the ABC Pro Rodeo. Together, we developed a strategy to partner with local media, generate mass awareness, and increase ticket sales.

The Last Ride

In 2019, the ABC Rodeo was held in the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum for the final time. After many years at the historic Coliseum, Lubbock AMBUCs wanted to commemorate the final Rodeo before the venue was demolished. GriffinWink commissioned a painting by the acclaimed local artist, John R. Thomasson. Working together, we developed a scene that paid tribute to the past while simultaneously looking to the future. 

The painting portrays Lubbock AMBUCs club members on horseback in front of the Coliseum gesturing to the Rodeo’s new home at a venue north of Lubbock. The painting was titled, Into the Frontier, and 50 high-quality prints were given to esteemed Lubbock AMBUCs members. An additional 200 prints were sold to raise money, while the creative direction of the painting became the catalyst for the theme of the rodeo’s advertising campaign. 

The decision to demolish the Coliseum was a divisive issue in the Lubbock community. As the ABC Rodeo was the final event held in the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum, the potential for a dark shadow to be cast on the event was a concern. Through the power of art, the painting united the community under a single mindset of “respect the past, be invigorated by the present, and saddle up with excitement for a bright future.”

Lubbock AMBUCs was thrilled with the painting as it united their efforts to ride into the frontier together. It is our job as an agency to think outside the proverbial box. Having worked with Lubbock AMBUCs over many years, mutual trust has developed. This project demonstrates that when you earn a client’s trust, you also earn the ability to expand your creativity to do amazing things. 

Personnel: Rusty Griffin, Creative Director / Partner, John R. Thomasson, Artist


Since 2014, ABC Pro Rodeo has raised millions of dollars to help fund the Lubbock Boys & Girls Club and build Amtrykes.