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New Mexico Phase 1 Reopening – Prepare, Refocus, Respond

At GriffinWink Advertising, we pride ourselves on the regional footprint we have developed to provide clients in all industries the widest variety of services possible. Though, with offices in Texas and New Mexico, and clients across the southwest, the next few months stand to look significantly different for our clients as each state begins to implement their unique and varied plans for economic reopening. Regardless of where our clients and employees call home, it is our job to stay in the know and to advocate for our clients and ensure we are helping them to operate as effectively as possible each time new information becomes available.

What you need to know

On May 13th, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham led a virtual press conference to share the most recent information concerning COVID-19 and the state’s continuing efforts to combat the pandemic.

While the state’s emergency public health order has been extended until May 31st, as of May 16th, the order has been modified to allow for phase 1 of the state’s tiered economic reopening plan.

This is good news for retailers, as all retail businesses as of May 16th are now permitted to operate at limited capacity. However, they must also abide by mandated COVID-19 safe workplace practices. Big box retailers and grocery stores may either continue or resume business with 20% occupancy. Smaller Retailers can operate at 25% occupancy.

Additional easings are also being implemented:

  • Houses of worship may operate at 10% capacity.
  • Non-essential businesses such as office spaces and call centers may operate with 25% of their pre-crisis staff.
  • Some summer sports and youth programs will be allowed to resume with limitations on types of activities and child to adult ratios.

NOTE: Many of these phase 1 easings will not be applied to several counties in northwestern New Mexico (San Juan, McKinley, Cibola) as the spread of infection is still considered to be too high.

June 1st is the next big date to keep in mind. The hope is, at that time, businesses like salons, barbershops, gyms, indoor malls, and restaurant dining rooms will be able to open to limited capacity.

A full breakdown of the governor’s Phase 1 press conference can be found here.

While this is exciting news, many businesses will face a steep curve as they prepare their businesses to accept restrictions and decide how to best offer and promote their products and services. This is where the expertise of an agency consultant can help reduce uncertainty and confusion, lend perspective, develop creative solutions, and provide opportunities for maximum success.

Our Take From A Promotional Perspective

As each phase of the economic reopening plan is implemented, from the proverbial economic waiting room of restriction, more and more businessmen and women will begin raising their hands to acknowledge their ability to rejoin the community. What are you doing to ensure your hand stands out from the sea of businesses reaching for patrons to return? How will your voice be heard above the noise of those calling out so customers can listen and respond?


Before you reopen your doors, make sure the proper information has been standardized anywhere people research your business. This includes:

Updated business hours

COVID-safe messaging on your website and social platforms

  • Updated product or service offerings
  • Ensure any business operating updates are easy for customers to understand and follow


GriffinWink offers full-service in-house solutions, and we are always available to work with you to develop custom campaigns. However, we understand that time is of the essence, and each day after you reopen your doors is an opportunity to recapture precious brand equity and customer support. To help provide you the fastest start off the block, we have created a library of digital marketing packages and production opportunities that can be quickly and effectively tailored to your brand, message, and business goals.

Restaurant and Retail Packages 

Get a website up and running for your business or add online ordering, delivery, and other functionalities to your current site for effectively conducting business from a distance.  

Animation and Digital Production  

Make a statement without having to gather for a film shoot. Full TV and web-ready videos can be created through animation, gfx, and voiceover, all without the need to gather as a group. 

For an in-depth set of recommendations for updating all aspects of your messaging for maximum effectiveness, see our Marketing Checklist for Reopening your Business During COVID-19

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