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It’s safe to say that millennials are the largest and one of if not the most sought-after demographic for advertisers and marketers. They make up nearly 23.5 percent of the population. They are also one of the most challenging demographics to reach with advertising. It’s not impossible, though. You just have to know how to speak their language. Five facts about millennials will help you win over the most challenging and valuable demographic.

Millennials don’t respond to traditional methods

Traditional advertising is quickly becoming an obsolete way to reach millennials. It’s not very often that a millennial opens up a magazine or a newspaper or even sits down to watch cable TV anymore. Everything they could need is just a few taps, swipes, or clicks away. With the most significant digital presence out of all demographics, it’s no secret that the internet is where you want to be.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely stay away from traditional methods. Instead of commercials on television, try placing them as YouTube pre-rolls. Make a few adjustments to that print ad and make it a banner ad instead. Make sure your client has an excellent social media presence. Social media is the best and most utilized way for millennials to share their opinions and communicate with their peers. Getting millennials to talk about your brand on social media is some of the best exposure you can receive.

Millennials want to engage and interact

One of the reasons traditional advertising does not work on millennials is that it does not allow them to engage with the brand or others. Social media is a great way to engage your audience. Ask them questions about your brand. Ask them questions about themselves. Have them tag your brand in pictures with your product. Use unique hashtags to promote your brand. Just get them talking, any way you can. One more fact about millennials will help you get the most interaction possible: If you build an app for it, they will come.

Millennials want brands that are “real”

When I say millennials want “real” brands, I mean that your advertising shouldn’t over-embellish or try to turn the product or brand into something it’s not. Millennials can spot a fake from a mile away, and being inauthentic is one of the quickest ways to drive them off. The bottom line is to know your place and who you are as a brand. Try, but don’t try too hard.

Millennials care about quality above all

Millennials are constantly seeking the best of the best. They do not want mediocre products and brands that value them as customers. Apple has a strong following with millennials because they continue to improve and grow with every new product they release. Millennials are extremely outspoken about the products they purchase. They are frequently researching product reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Making sure that your brand and product are the best they can be is a great way to get that millennial brand loyalty.

Millennials want to feel in control

Millennials are the least responsive demographic to advertising because they don’t like being told what to do. Advertising “at” them, saying “Buy this!” and “Buy that!” is one of the worst things you can do. Millennials are very opinionated and want the final say in everything they purchase. This is why building a relationship with them is essential instead of just trying to advertise. Again, this is where social media comes in handy. It is also essential to find something that they can relate to. Use their interests as a way to build a connection.

Many millennials don’t trust advertising and are upfront with them, so you must build a relationship with them as quickly as possible. Millennials are the most influential demographic you can reach. Although they can be highly fickle, if you learn about them and cater to what they like and want, their extreme brand loyalty will be a huge payoff. Hopefully, this blog provided enough insight to help you start building those relationships and connections that will bring you that brand loyalty.

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