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Meet the Market Development Team

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Entry into a new market requires time, patience, research, and no small amount of passion. At GriffinWink, we’ve always been passionate about the growth and development of not only our clients but each member of our team. When it comes down to it, the most important part of our business is not the services we offer, but the people we’ve chosen to execute them.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is 

With that in Mind, we’d like to introduce you to the faces you’ll likely be seeing as we continue to grow into the Albuquerque Market. If you see us around, ask us about our vision and we’ll tell you why our people are so important to us.

[md_feature_image feature_image_icon_class=”icon-Right2″ feature_image_title=”Brian Wink” feature_image_description=”President” feature_image_height_slider=”380″ feature_image_background_image=”890″]

With Brian at the helm, every project is truly an ad-venture. Brian’s career has moved him all over the media landscape, from learning Client Side marketing from his father to marketing for major media outlets to finally settling in the Agency business.   The transition from media man to mad man was a crucial turning point for Brian professionally as he often speaks of on his Marketing Blog, Life of the Brand. It was at this time that Brian and the GriffinWink partners decided to move into the future with Relationships at the center of the Agency’s business model. Along with a quick wit and an inimitable knack for dissecting market trends, Brian brings a true sense of connectedness to a profession that can all too often feel segmented and individualistic. Alternate Career Path: College Professor Latest Fascination: Hipster Coffee Pep Talk of Choice: “Marketing most often fails for one of two reasons. You either have the right message in the wrong place, or the wrong message in the right place.”

[md_feature_image feature_image_icon_class=”icon-Right2″ feature_image_title=”Rusty Griffin” feature_image_description=”Creative Director” feature_image_height_slider=”380″ feature_image_background_image=”891″]

A lifelong lover of the creative arts, Rusty grew up in his Father’s Agency during the golden age of the ad-man. After taking over the 30-year-old business from his father, Rusty teamed up with Brian and Randy Wink to develop a boutique agency into the Full-Service Tradigital powerhouse you see today. From executing nation-wide growth campaigns to developing a local brand image, Rusty has done it all and continues to adapt his creative style as digital becomes a bigger and bigger player in the marketing landscape. Favorite Band: U2 Latest Fascination: Augmented Reality Infamous for: Dad Jokes They can get pretty ad-trocious

[md_feature_image feature_image_icon_class=”icon-Right2″ feature_image_title=”Kevin Wade” feature_image_description=”Account Manager & Market Development Director” feature_image_height_slider=”380″ feature_image_background_image=”1412″]

A born and bred product of the 505, Kevin initially expressed his desire to grow the Albuquerque market several years ago and has kept that goal in front of him ever since. As Account Manager for Warehouse75 Digital, Kevin has put to use an eclectic skillset in developing media strategies for clients in all sectors of the market. Kevin believes strongly in cross-platforms cohesion and preaches the importance of media convergence to clients and coworkers alike. The mindset that Traditional and Digital advertising methods can not only coexist, but also build off one another to the benefit of all, is an idea he hopes to be able to foster within the Albuquerque market. Favorite Pastime: Mountains… anything with mountains Latest Fascination: Fidget Toys Favorite Creative Outlet: Blogging; Podcasts

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