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Market Research You Can Rely On.

Cultivating a positive image...

Developing a strong brand image is a product of hard work, dedication, and research – lots of it!   What do we mean by research? Numbers and data? Yes, sometimes. However, research is so much more than statistics. Research allows us to dive into the current situation head first by telling us and/or showing us who the client is, what their context within the market is, and who the competition is we need to be tracking. We want to know our clients’ business as well as they do. Whether it’s reading articles about the industry, watching past commercials of competitors, or pulling relevant data from 40,000 monitored homes in your market, our team is committed to knowing the ins and outs of your business.

Without research, a campaign can never be successful…

Here is some insight into our strategy – Without research, a campaign can never be successful. Imagine running a race and never knowing where the starting line is located. Chances are you are going to start and finish behind the competition because there was an unfair advantage – a head start one might say. This would be like beginning a campaign without first conducting research. At GriffinWink, we strive to get all the information about you, your product, and your business from the very start!

Channeling our clients’ personalities and strengths…

At GriffinWink, we take pride in channeling our clients’ personalities and strengths into consistent images that will resonate with their consumers. The insight our team gains from researching our clients online, even before meeting them face to face, provides our team with key insights and knowledge that is vital to any campaign. We believe in order to serve our client’s in the most favorable ways, we must first understand their business on a deeper level.
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