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Digital Advertising Services

As the digital market place continues to grow and expand across multiple devices, digital media offers the ability to deliver the advertiser’s message where media is being consumed.

Increased opportunities

GriffinWink Advertising’s digital media strategies provide our clients increased opportunities to expand their reach and influence.   For a quick service Mexican restaurant, we implemented a digital media strategy that included mobile marketing and advertising on Pandora. This strategy resulted in a 250% increase in website traffic.   By utilizing digital media, our clients are able to interact with their audience through search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing, internet radio, and online display marketing.

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For a short-term skilled nursing facility, we used a geo-targeting technique to reach people on their tablets and smartphones in area hospitals. This is a prime example of being able to reach people wherever they are, and at a time they message is most relevant to them.   At GriffinWink, we craft digital media strategies for our clients that increase the reach of their message and interaction with their brand.

Badged agency and Google Partner

As a business that is seeking to leverage the expertise of a digital agency, we are a badged agency and Google Partner. We have put forth the extra considerable effort required to become certified, badged and attain Google/Bing Partner status. By doing this we set ourselves apart as skilled & competent at implementing Google best practices. AdWords campaigns give clients the edge in a competitive marketplace, this takes experience, which we have.

If you haven’t tried Google AdWords in the past, we strongly advise you to. If you have and it didn’t work out particularly well, we strongly believe that by working with us your goals will be met. Our tools and solutions keep improving with new features, segmentation options, and better targeting, to make sure you can reach your target audience at the right place and at the right time. Precisely when they are looking for you.

By working with your business and Google, we can generate more foot traffic, more leads, more phone calls, more sales or more appointments booked for your business!

Data allows our clients to see the power...

We have the ability to measure analytics for digital media advertising and the website traffic it generates. This data allows our clients to see the power and impact of digital media outcomes, where traditional advertising is harder to track. For a quick service sandwich restaurant, we implemented a campaign that combined mobile marketing, a mobile web page, and SMS to distribute and track coupons. Mobile marketing was used to make consumers aware of the coupons, while the mobile web page and SMS were used to redeem them. This strategy allowed us to track and measure the success of the campaign.  As the digital marketplace continues to grow and expand across multiple devices, digital media offers the ability to deliver the advertiser’s message where media is being consumed, iPhone/smartphones, computers, etc.