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Google Business Profile, also known as Google My Business (GMB), is a critical tool for local search engine optimization (SEO), allowing businesses to manage their online presence across Google’s suite of services. It’s essential in making your business discoverable and competitive in the digital marketplace. However, like any tool, it has its potential pitfalls.

Here, we’ve outlined the top 5 issues you might face with your Google My Business profile and offer practical solutions to resolve them.

Unclaimed Business Listings

Problem: Many businesses need to realize that their business is already listed on Google, but it’s unclaimed. An unclaimed listing means the information could be incorrect, leading to customer confusion and missed opportunities for your business.

Solution: To address this, visit the Google My Business page and click on the “Manage Now” button. Type your business name. If it appears in the dropdown menu, there is an unclaimed listing. You can claim this business listing and start managing it.

Incorrect or Outdated Information

Problem: Your business’s information could be incorrect or outdated, potentially losing customer trust and negative reviews.

Solution: Regularly review your GMB profile to ensure that all details—business hours, contact information, location, website URL—are accurate. Remember, any time you change something about your business operations (like your hours over holiday periods), update your GMB profile as soon as possible.

Lack of Reviews and Responses

Problem: Reviews significantly impact local SEO and customer perception of your business. A lack of reviews or unanswered negative reviews could harm your business’s reputation.

Solution: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews. Respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, promptly and professionally. Address any issues mentioned in negative reviews and show that you value customer feedback.

Inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Problem: Inconsistent business NAP across different platforms can confuse and negatively affect your local SEO rankings.

Solution: Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are consistently represented on all platforms, including your GMB profile, website, and any other online directories or social media platforms where your business is listed.

Insufficient or Poor Quality Photos

Problem: Photos greatly influence a customer’s decision to choose your business. Insufficient or poor-quality photos can make your business appear less attractive or professional.

Solution: Regularly update your GMB profile with high-quality photos of your business, products, or services. Show off your premises, happy staff, and, if relevant, before-and-after shots of your work.

Google My Business is a fantastic tool that requires regular attention and maintenance, like all tools. It’s not just about setting it up—it’s about managing your profile to ensure it’s as accurate, enticing, and effective as possible.

As your full-service advertising agency, GriffinWink Advertising is here to help you navigate the digital marketing landscape. Whether you need assistance with your Google My Business profile, SEO, content marketing, or any other aspect of digital advertising, we’re just a call or click away.

Stay tuned for more tips and insights on enhancing your digital presence and growing your business!

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