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Inbound Methodology? What’s that?

Inbound Methodology? What’s that?

What is inbound methodology? Well, we’re glad you asked. Inbound methodology is the art of attracting consumers to your brand. Long gone are the days of interrupting your target audience with an irrelevant ad. This type of marketing purposely puts your brand at the forefront of an individual’s attention when they are looking for what you may have to offer.


By aligning consumer interest to the content you publish, you have the potential to bring in inbound traffic to your business. Inbound means you are creating content that is intended to appeal to your “ultimate consumers,” turning strangers to your business into loyal customers.


The first step in Inbound Marketing is to attract your targeted audience. Tools that help you attract your future customers are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, and Social Media Marketing. These tools help you place your content at the right place, right time.


Once you’ve attracted your ideal consumers to your website, it is time to convert them. You do this by obtaining their contact information on a landing page. You will need to gather their email addresses, along with any other information you can gather. The purpose of gathering contact information is to reveal content offers exclusive to them, and then align with what they are looking for. This creates an incentive for their return and allows you to understand how to continue marketing to them effectively.


The next step? The close. Sounds dramatic, right? The closing stage is where you transform visitors to consumers of your product or service. How do you accomplish this? Through social media monitoring, you can ensure that your content is reaching your targeted consumers at the ideal time.


Last but not least, this step is all about maintaining, engaging, and pleasing your newly attained consumer base. Continue to monitor social media and responding to your customers’ likes, comments, questions, or concerns. Offer current users content that is exclusive to them, continually peaking their interest to your business.

Ok, that sounds good and all, but what’s in it for my brand?

If you desire to take your digital presence to another level, inbound methodology is the route to take. Inbound allows the marketer to be there every step on the journey to deliver consumer needs.

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