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During times of uncertainty, businesses are put to the test. Consumer attention is focused on which brands are stepping up and which brands are missing the mark. Evaluating your overall message to update your audience, review products or services, and monitor consumer behavior all play a vital role in connecting with your audience. While every situation is unique, we’ve provided a few ways to reach your audience better when mindsets have changed.  

Evaluate Current Messages  

“Know your audience” is a basic tenet for any marketing strategy. Brands must define their target audience and reevaluate messages that will resonate well in times of crisis. Does the tone and content echo the sentiment that your consumers are experiencing? Brands are meant to be shaped and reshaped to provide a perfectly suited voice that will reflect the business’s goals, values, and beliefs. In times of crisis, brands should acknowledge what’s going on, and if relevant, explain how products and services will benefit the consumer. By reevaluating brand messages, businesses can earn trust and nurture the relationship among consumers.   

Keep Up to Date  

This is a world of no absolutes, and things change fast. What may have been the right message yesterday may not be today. Keeping a close eye on the news and rising issues is essential, but brands must consider the context of the situation before responding. Providing sufficient information that is comforting and reassuring to the target audience is imperative. In response, customers will engage with brand messaging that is relatable. Acknowledge the situation and the fears that consumers face then reassure them of the specific actions your brand is taking to help.    

Review the Value Your Products and Services Bring  

During uncertain times, brands should focus their attention on their products or services to gauge value in light of the situation. What role can your brand play in helping consumers meet their needs? Each business should examine their offerings to determine the unique role that their brand plays in a person’s life, how it has changed, and how it can be of use. Setting aside time for brand-reflection presents an opportunity that allows businesses to show the true value of their products or services to an audience that may have not found the product or service necessary before the crisis.     

Anticipate Changes in Consumer Behavior  

With unprecedented events come major shifts in behavioral trends. During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing continues to have a large impact on customer behavior which directly affects the way consumers interact with businesses. Many companies were required to shut down and e-commerce became an important and necessary aspect for businesses to stay in business. Brands must understand what consumers want now and, in the future, to drive a better connection, satisfy their customer needs, and adapt within the changing environment.    

In times of crisis, consumers are waiting to hear from you. That’s why it is important that your brand is ready to adapt and reevaluate to ensure an authentic connection with your audience. Combining flexibility and adaptability into your brand strategy is the master key to guaranteeing its survival, not just for today but also for the future. 

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