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How To Grow Your Audience: Improving Customer Engagement

There are many ways to encourage customer engagement, which is how your customers interact with your brand, both online and offline. For your customers to want to engage with your business, you must first establish a relationship with them. Building relationships with customers is essential for them to choose you over the competition, enjoy and benefit from your product or service, keep coming back for more, and spread the word to their family and friends. There are many methods to boost customer engagement, and they don’t have to be complicated. Simply create a compelling reason for consumers to interact with your brand in an authentic way. Below are five ways to improve customer engagement:   

1. Create Great Customer Experiences  

We’ve all had bad experiences with companies which made us swear never to return! That is why it is so essential to provide excellent customer experiences. A ‘bad’ experience can be anything from long wait times on phone calls or in-store, a non-user-friendly website, poor customer service, a lack of an online presence, or broken promises. Delivering exceptional customer service means first mapping out all the ways you interact with customers. Whether you have a physical store, website, social media, email newsletters, or e-commerce platforms, it is essential to determine if your customers enjoy their experience with your company and how/where you can improve.   

2. Keep Your Brand Memorable and Relatable  

Customer engagement will not flourish from positive user experience alone. It is also about giving your brand a personality that consumers love, want to do business with, and in turn, engage with. Social media is a great place to showcase your brand’s personality while allowing customers to engage by liking, commenting, sharing, etc. Creating an authentic brand image is vital to encourage engagement by making your customers feel like your business, both online and offline, is a safe space to bring their opinions and continued business. When your customers engage with your company, whether it be a post comment, message, website form, or in-person question, make sure you respond accordingly! Building a relationship is a two-way street.   

3. Keep Your Promises  

Customer service is often one of the most memorable parts of a customer’s experience, both good and bad. Many negative experiences result from unmet expectations or broken trust between a customer and a company. Keeping your promises is vital to the growth of your business, as the public’s perception of your product, service, and brand is so important. Your promotional promises should always align with the product you’re delivering. If your company promises to meet a deadline, ensure you meet that deadline. If, for some reason, you are unable to fulfill a promise, COMMUNICATE. Keeping consistent communication with your customers is essential to building a strong relationship. While delivering bad news can be difficult, silence is unacceptable in the eyes of consumers.   

4. Listen to Your Customers  

Your customers will have a lot to say if you did a good job and even more to say if you did a lousy job. Receiving feedback from consumers and actively making improvements is one of the best ways to mend relationships and customer engagement. An excellent way to stay on top of your customer’s experience is to read the online surveys and reviews about your business. Responding to negative feedback is equally, if not more important than responding to positive feedback. By listening to your customers and improving your business, you show that you want to provide the best possible experience. Making sure your consumers feel heard, understood, and accommodated is at the heart of good customer service and will indefinitely improve customer engagement.  

5. Engage With your Followers on Social Media  

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become platforms for people to express their concerns or share their praise about a business. Either way, these platforms can give you direct access to your customers’ raw thoughts and feelings. Social media can also give your business the upper hand by showcasing your brand’s personality and creating an authentic, welcoming environment for your customers. While social media is a great place to post fun content, it is also incredibly helpful in spreading informational content. By responding to comments and messages, you are showing that you care about your customers, encouraging them to continue engaging with your page in the future. Consider doing social media promotions to boost engagement, such as giveaways or discount coupons.  

Today, there are more ways than ever to engage with your customers. However, that means these opportunities are available for your competitors as well. So, take advantage of every possible opportunity to connect with your customers, build relationships, and in turn, customer engagement. 

No matter how you reach your consumers, if there’s a gap, we can fill it. At GriffinWink, we have the tools to grow an interactive and invested audience. Whether it’s social media managementcontent creation, or website design, we create user-friendly experiences that are sure to boost your business. Not sure where to start? Contact us 

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