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Design Is All Around You...

Take a look around. No matter where you are and no matter what you are doing, you are surrounded by visual communication that we at GriffinWink call design. Whether it’s the logo on the pen in your hand, the printed label on your coffee cup, or the billboard you see out the window, we are all exposed to thousands of carefully designed messages each day. At GriffinWink, design is of utmost importance because we believe good design is the cornerstone of your message.

Visually Driven Graphic Design

We live in a world that is very visually driven. People nowadays are often more drawn to what they can look at rather than what they can hear or read. This means for an advertising campaign to be successful, good design must be Future-Proof.

Since we aren’t the only professionals who know this, it is increasingly important that our clients find a way to stand out amongst a superfluous amount of aesthetically pleasing advertisements. Put simply, design is everywhere.

Are you ready to break through the mold?

Design is more than just Art…

At GriffinWink, design is more than just art. It is the first impression that most consumers have of your brand and is your most effective communicator, and as such, it needs to be assembled with care and intent. We pride ourselves in supplying our clients with successful advertising campaigns that are both outstanding in their design and unforgettable in the consumer’s mind.

Each design is produced using our three-step method:



Each design goes through a very detailed brainstorming session. We consider all avenues and whittle those possibilities down to the most successful solutions.



Next, we embark on the process of planning out the design. This includes sketching out possible solutions and seeing what works and what doesn’t. In this stage, we take into account composition, message, and audience in order to create the design that works best for you and your brand.



Finally, once a composition is decided upon, we assemble your design using your brand elements.

The result of this process is a unique design purposely made to help strengthen your brand and to make sure you are recognizable. The success of our clients is our number one priority. We will stay in contact with you throughout this process, making sure that the final design will exceed your expectations in every way possible.