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TraDigital Marketing in is the Modern Age

What is Tradigital Advertising?

Tradigital” advertising is the blend and balance of traditional advertising strategies and digital technology. This phrase does not signal that the traditional ad platforms of television, radio, print, and billboard are soon to be done in by the expanding frontier of digital technology. It simply means that both traditional and digital platforms can be mutually beneficial and meaningful depending on the client or audience. A television ad could potentially reach a different audience than ads placed on Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix; both are equally relevant and may be the exact same video, or a brand new, more tailored version depending on the audience! You see, it would be a disservice to a client in this circumstance to draw a line and say, “This advertisement is for TV only,” when the same video content can be tailored, added to and displayed on platforms all across the digital space. This is the beauty of tradigital; trodding the steps already taken and forging new paths in the process.

Why Tradigital Advertising?

Tradigital advertising is the model of efficiency and innovation; it takes what’s right about traditional advertising and combines it with the tactics of digital experts. The ability to monitor and tailor ad campaigns through online research analytics is a quick and efficient way to ensure desired results. The tradigital approach is for any business that wants to increase web traffic, brand awareness and customers at the same time. Now with the average person being marketed to 90% of the time on a screen and 10% by print advertising, it’s time to concentrate marketing efforts on both to ensure 100% success. No company wants to be left behind by a competitor implementing the tradigital approach, for a brand that understands the importance of messaging across all platforms truly has the eyes and ears of the world at their disposal. Tradigital is the very best of the past and future working together to usher in a new age of advertising possibilities. Tradigital is here to stay.

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