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What is branding? It helps you to make your own place in the world and dictates how the public sees your product. Most importantly, however, your brand is the emotional connection and relationship that you foster with your customers over the years of effective communication and exposure. In short, your brand is everything. 

How Much Do You Know About Your Company’s Branding?

Strong branding helps to communicate these ideas and gives your company a personality in the public sphere. When you think about companies such as Apple, Nike, and Target you can see the differences in how they portray themselves to the public. You can feel the different emotional connections that these brands have built with you over the years. These differences are a mark of strong branding and are a huge reason why they are so successful.

Weak branding, on the other hand, can cause your brand to sink into obscurity and be lost amongst the competition. Your brand is made up of everything that your company communicates to the public. Even though it is based around your logo, your website, all your packaging, your promotional materials, your social media presence, and even your building and offices act as elements of your brand’s voice.

GriffinWink is here to help you with your brand. Whether it is time to revamp or reposition your brand, spread the word about your brand, or create an identity system from scratch, our team is here to make it happen.

We are here to help you create the right brand for your business.

We take into account the industry, market, how you are perceived, how you want to be perceived, and anything else that sets your product apart from the competition. We then take a look at who your customers are and who you want them to be. These factors help us find your niche in the market.

We take pride in the equity we have built for our clients. A brand with strong equity can charge more for its products than a generic brand can. Consider the difference between a $5 cotton tee you would find at a generic store and a $200 one of the similar qualities that are sold at a high-end retailer.

The differences are often minuscule, but their brands have been built in very different ways. For a well-built brand, the mention of a name is often all it takes to convert a sale, even at a much higher price.

How We Do Branding

GriffinWink works alongside you to help define your brand, to build equity, and to convert people into clients. Our goal is to help you foster a strong emotional connection between you and your consumers through consistent, effective, and purposeful communication. It’s time to dig deep. It’s time to position yourself as the market leader you already know you are.

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