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Billing Transparency.

Billing With Clarity and Flexibility at Our Core

At GriffinWink, we believe in tailoring our billing to the unique needs of your project and business, moving away from the restrictive “one-size-fits-all” billing models. Our approach is primarily based on hourly rates, ensuring that you pay only for the time we dedicate to your project across various services:

Creative Services Rates:

– Copywriting, Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography Production: $125/hour each
– Video Production: $150/hour
– Drone Services: $250/hour
– Photography: $125/hour

Strategic Services Rates:

– Account Management, Media Strategies: $90/hour each

Our Transparent Process:

Initial Consultation: At the outset, we engage with you to thoroughly understand your goals, leading to the establishment of a clear project scope. This scope outlines the expected deliverables and timelines, along with an initial cost estimate based on our hourly rates. It’s important to note that these estimates are preliminary and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or adjustments in project scope. Our aim is to provide a flexible framework that can adapt to your evolving needs while maintaining transparency and open communication.

Accurate Time Tracking: Our commitment to transparency extends to how we track the time spent on your projects. We ensure meticulous recording of every hour our team dedicates to your business. This detailed tracking process guarantees that you’re billed accurately, fostering a transparent partnership.

Monthly Invoicing: Invoices are issued around the 10th of each month, tailored to project scale. They meticulously itemize services provided, hours worked, and the total cost, ensuring clear understanding and accountability.

Open Lines of Communication: We emphasize the importance of ongoing dialogue. For any inquiries regarding project scopes, anticipated or actual costs, we encourage you to connect with your dedicated account manager.

Flexible Billing Options:

Understanding the need for budget predictability, we also offer retainer agreements for clients preferring a fixed monthly billing. This option secures a set amount of hours each month for a flat fee, ideal for long-term projects with consistent requirements.

Custom Solutions: Interested in exploring a retainer agreement? Let’s talk. Your account manager is ready to tailor a billing solution that suits your project’s needs while aligning with your budgetary and strategic goals.

Our Pledge to You:

Our commitment is to provide stellar service with your budget in mind, ensuring a collaborative, transparent, and flexible partnership every step of the way.

Welcome to Griffinwink – where your vision meets our innovation and dedication. Let’s make something great together.

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