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The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed how we live, work, communicate, and do business. How your business markets and conducts public relations externally and internally during this time is vitally important for your reputation. As a respected brand, you cannot continue business as usual. You must avoid marketing fails.

We are living in a pandemic, and all you have done before should be handled differently now—especially your communication and marketing efforts. Brands are made up of human beings, and businesses must act responsibly and compassionately. To avoid marketing communication failure, we have provided a few tips on how you should handle marketing efforts amid a crisis.


social mediaAs social distancing is still in full effect, many find themselves at home and unsurprisingly glued to their smartphones and laptops. Additionally, people feel alone, uncertain, and anxious while waiting for the world to return to normal. That is why it is vital to continuously engage with your customers via social media and other platforms while catering to their needs rather than your own.

This means avoiding the posting of new product features or funding news unless it’s something that can be used by consumers during this time. Instead, use social media channels and blogs to address what is happening globally and consider what your business or organization can bring to the table to help make a difference.

Likewise, it’s equally important to address all relevant and ongoing issues you may face as a brand because of the coronavirus outbreak. If you have had to lay people off, make cancellations, or whatever the case may be—address such news openly and honestly. Customers will trust and respect you more for it and be more willing to engage with the COVID-19-related content or advice you share in the future.


With marketing communication, it’s imperative to keep up with the news and adapt announcements to be more in tune with the issues and needs created by the pandemic. The type of statements you deliver as a brand across various channels must be sympathetic, compassionate, and sensitive to how people feel during these unprecedented times. Also, your announcements need to help customers during the pandemic. For example, Nike’s “Play inside, play for the world” campaign and Coca-Cola’s “Staying apart is the best way to stay united” billboards.

Another effective adaption strategy involves discounts on products and services relevant to the current situation. Many people have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak and are struggling financially. However, when consumers see a brand managing a layoff with compassion and providing access to products that can assist them, they will feel more loyal to that company.


When much of the world needs help, the best way to make a name for yourself is by helping others. While there may be a reduced demand for your products now, there has been an explosion in demand for aid and assistance. Take this time and opportunity to help your community in whatever way your company can, and customers will follow.

Your company’s opportunity to aid will vary depending on the kind of business you own. It might involve sharing profit with charities or organizations on the frontline helping fight the coronavirus or starting your own initiative to tackle some aspect of the pandemic.

This kind of marketing communication is ideal during times of crisis versus conventional PR and marketing that will be perceived as tone-deaf and insensitive. Even if it is on a smaller scale, contributing to lessening the impact of COVID-19 will create positive associations for your brand.

Now is the time for your business to connect personally with your audience. GriffinWink can help you prioritize your resources and develop the right message for your brand to ensure your business avoids any marketing communication fails—so reach out to us today!

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