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4K Production: The resolution is the most obvious benefit to 4K. The detail is spectacular—a Standard HD frame sits at around 2 megapixels, while a 4K frame hits 8 megapixels.

While there currently may be a limit on 4K output because of the price and availability of 4K TVs, in the next couple of years, 4K will only become more and more mainstream until it is the new standard. GriffinWink stays ahead of the curve by offering 4K production as one of our services at our in-house studio


We have a wide range of audio capabilities available for our clients. We hand tailor each client’s specific needs, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • A fully dedicated audio booth with onsite production abilities,
  • Audio production for radio spots,
  • Audition voiceover talent from national (worldwide if necessary) pools of experienced professionals,
  • Custom music searches to find the perfect track to accompany the television or radio production,
  • Production of full jingles from songwriting to composition,
  • Translation services with experienced multilingual voiceover talents, and
  • in-house recording booth for local voiceover talent sessions.

Let us show you what our audio packages can do to help your business stand out and grow!

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