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Albuquerque Media Strategy, Planning & Buying

GriffinWink is a growth company. As such, we are dedicated to delivering progressive marketing solutions.

  • Specific goals and targets for your business.

  • Creation of strategies that have successfully performed.

  • Short-term and long-term planning.

  • Evaluations of your competitors’ market position.

  • Recommendations for growing your customers.

In order to grow, you must be informed…

You know the adage, “knowledge is power?”. Well, that reigns ever true in the world of advertising. In the age of information, developments can happen so quickly that it may seem impossible to keep up. At GriffinWink we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest Albuquerque market information, so much so, we are prepared to answer questions that haven’t even made their way into your mind yet. Media strategy involves both buying and placement on a wide variety of platforms. While the idea of media strategy is simple in explanation, it can be complicated in practice. Developing and implementing a media strategy is a science. The greater Albuquerque area is a vast region, and to best serve the area, we start each media campaign with a scientific approach. We begin with research to understand our client, and the market they are looking to fill. We discover the audience they want to reach, then craft a message that accomplishes your goals.

Tradition rooted In science

Market research is a time-honored practice developed by some of the most renowned research firms in the world. For this reason, we work alongside companies such as Nielson, Marshall Marketing, ComScore and Arbitron to gain an up to date understanding of Albuquerque consumer insights. When we can internalize these insights, our ability to craft a media strategy and accompanied campaign is second to none. There are many insights to gain from consumer information. This information goes beyond just general wants and needs. We look at what drives consumer behavior, including answering the why question. Answering why consumers behave the way they do in the marketplace is the key to developing an effective strategy. Working with TV stations, print news outlets, top radio stations, and out of home advertising sources, we will tailor make a traditional media strategy that will meet your Albuquerque business’s unique needs.

Buying media made easy with GriffinWink

Media buying can be an incredibly complex field of work. While many firms want to place your business in as many traditional media outlets as possible, at GriffinWink, we prefer finding the right fit where your placements will be most effective. In short, quality over quantity. This ideology not only keeps your costs to a minimum but gives your Albuquerque business the most bang for its buck. We are not blindfolded trying to hit the side of a barn. We are using the latest technology and decades of experience to nail specific targets with heat-seeking accuracy! Through carefully cultivated relationships with media outlets, we can obtain the best deals for the best time slots at the best rates. With powerful analytics, we can keep you in the loop every step of the way, educating you constantly on how campaigns are performing.

We generate visitors.

We track all our buys in real time to ensure delivery, gathering intelligence reports on each buy to ensure continuity with our media strategy. We keep you informed every step of the way. No matter your business, no matter your market share, no matter your problem, no matter your goals, GriffinWink delivers.

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“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought”- Sun Tzu

Marketing Ninjas

When you come to GriffinWink, we come prepared to go into battle and make your company emerge victoriously. Marketing Ninjas… our team lives for the opportunity and challenge.