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Convert, close, delight, and build your brand for long-term success

Inbound Methodology
The Albuquerque advertising and marketing worlds are changing, and Inbound is IN. Inbound marketing is a content-driven digital marketing tactic that has proven very effective in turning consumers, who may not respond to traditional marketing, into conversions for your company. Working with the Albuquerque advertising market, GriffinWink’s Inbound Marketing services are designed to increase digital reach with content integration across your website, social media platforms, and other areas of content curation across the web. Let the GriffinWink content development team take your Albuquerque brand’s marketing funnel to the next level.
Why Inbound Marketing?

No matter how big or small your business is, Inbound Marketing is a way to increase web traffic, lead generations, and most importantly, customer retention and loyalty. Albuquerque has a small town feel but is growing at an exponential rate. Old school digital strategy no longer works like it used to, but consumers still look for personal connections with businesses before deciding where to become customers.   Albuquerque inbound marketing is unique in that it relies primarily on long-form content rather than paid ad placements to deliver purposeful and relevant messages. These messages cultivate leads and push visitors through the buyer’s journey. This content reaches wide swatches of the Albuquerque market and in turn, helps more potential customers hear about your services. Our job as inbound marketers is to provide the content to the consumer and give them the knowledge they need to make their purchasing decisions. In many ways, customers are not even aware they are consuming content that is built specifically to drive conversions.



Different from traditional marketing, inbound marketing targets consumers actively seeking what you have to offer. Inbound marketing educates your potential Albuquerque consumers so that they are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Marketing Ninjas

The GriffinWink Albuquerque inbound marketing ninjas will target your customers by delivering content that they want to see. From here, we begin to organically and naturally attract people to your website. This begins the buyer’s journey, as the stranger is then a visitor, then converts into a customer, and then finally a promoter. GriffinWink’s content developers create tailored content that will target your ideal market and engage with them in a way that will keep them wanting more.

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