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Albuquerque Graphic Design

No matter where you are and no matter what you do, you are surrounded by purposeful design.

Design is constant in the world; let us help you find yours.

Albuquerque has a wild and beautiful natural setting. The city’s rich history and unique culture have helped it always stand out from the pack. Let our professional and talented graphic designers create an image that equals the inspiration which comes from New Mexico’s largest city.

More than just attention grabbing…

Proper graphic design not only grabs a person’s attention but also conveys a strategic message. The device you are reading this on was designed in a way not only to attract you to be a customer but also to lend itself to proper functionality. That goes for almost all the objects around you. Every detail of the world we live in has had to go through a design process, and at GriffinWink we want your brand to stand out in the world of Albuquerque Graphic Design.

Where art and science meet…

Design is a scientific process as much as it is an art form. Albuquerque graphic design has many steps in the overall process which our designers are both familiar with and talented at executing.   The starting point is brainstorming. We will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve and convey with your design.   Next, we will start to sketch by putting ideas on the page, beginning to bring your ideas to life strategically and attractively.   When you are satisfied, we will begin building out the elements of your design. These elements will work together seamlessly to convey your chosen message.


Step 1

Each design goes through a very detailed brainstorming session


Step 2

followed by an intricate process of sketching and planning


Step 3

visual and textual elements to convey the message

Visually driven, detail oriented…

In the 21st century, we live in a visually driven world. It is crucial to draw people in visually rather than appealing to what they can hear and read. This means that the right logo and design are critical to the overall success of any campaign. Herein lies a problem:

“In A World Where Everything Is Specifically Designed, How Do You Stand Out?”
At GriffinWink, our graphics team knows what it takes to break through the clutter and become memorable. A sleek, original design can be the first touchpoint for your business to potential customers – are you ready to have a groundbreaking first impression?

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