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Albuquerque Digital Advertising Services

The digital world continues to expand on a scale that is almost unimaginable. Every second that passes brings with it new breakthroughs in technology create new opportunities for advertisers and companies alike. The digital realm can be hard to keep up with, but we got your back. At GriffinWink, we not only stay on top of trends, but we also help develop them.

Increased opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere; even when it appears that all options have been exhausted, with a bit of creativity new routes can be found. Our strategies at GriffinWink have helped our Albuquerque clients see incredible returns. We advertised on one of the world’s top digital streaming platforms as well as ran an in-depth mobile marketing campaign to help a quick service Mexican restaurant more than triple their web traffic and online visibility. Developments in the digital world have even changed the way we target audiences. Do you have a specific subset of the population you need to reach? We can achieve this goal. For example, by using a geo-targeting technique, we were able to reach people’s mobile devices who were in area hospitals for a short-term skilled nursing facility. The impact of making touch points with an audience at a time and place where a message is most relevant to them has unmatched results.

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For a short-term skilled nursing facility, we used a geo-targeting technique to reach people on their tablets and smartphones in area hospitals. This is a prime example of being able to reach people wherever they are, and at a time they message is most relevant to them.   At GriffinWink, we craft digital media strategies for our clients that increase the reach of their message and interaction with their brand.

Badged agency and Google Partner

Why take our word for it when it comes to our digital knowledge and experience? We have worked tirelessly to become a badged agency and Google Partner. This endorsement from the world’s largest digital company means that we have taken the extra effort to demonstrate our skill sets and knowledge base. Just take a look at other Albuquerque agencies; you will quickly see this is not an easy certification to obtain. Having an in-depth knowledge of Google best practices is crucial for campaign success. The company has a massive amount of control when it comes to determining the success of search engine, pre-roll, and display advertising campaigns. For this reason, we have focused on demonstrating our competency with working within their guidelines to the point where we have received recognition and are recommended by Google as a leading agency.

Has your company not yet tried to use Google AdWords? Working with GriffinWink provides the perfect opportunity. As Google implements new technology, our ability to reach your goals will only improve. Better targeting, in-depth behavioral analysis, and detail-rich real-time analytics reports are just some of the features which will help us achieve the right audience at the right time.

Data is everything…

While at one point in time advertising was considered more of an art, it has become a scientific field in the last decade. This holds especially true in the digital world. Being able to see real-time data-driven analytics allows us at GriffinWink to have an understanding of how your Albuquerque digital campaign is performing. If something does not seem to be going as planned, we can make real-time adjustments to make sure that we are meeting your goals as a business. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important things an agency can demonstrate back to its clients. We can not only provide our clients with detailed, data-oriented reports but also create easily understandable and digestible explanations for the numbers, so you can rest easy knowing that your ad budget is making the most significant possible impact. At GriffinWink we view the Albuquerque digital advertising market as a playing field. Like any good team, we have a playbook. And with our playbook, we can time and time again outplay the competition to make sure that every campaign is a touchdown for your company.