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Albuquerque Animation

Get to Know Albuquerque Animation 

Bring your designs to life

Static images are no doubt a staple of traditional and digital advertising. But in a world that is driven by visuals, why not captivate your audience with story and movement? At GriffinWink we have years of experience developing, producing, and placing vivid animations that will make your Albuquerque business stand out from the rest. Animation can range from logos that come to life when prompted to full-on cartoon animations used for everything from commercials to company training videos.

Whiteboarding Offers Endless Possibilities

Instead of a step-by-step process of still images, why not bring tutorials or information videos to life through the power of whiteboarding. Our expert team of graphic designers and animators can sketch clean drawings which come to life. These whiteboard animations offer the opportunity to present a message in an unmatched fashion. Imagine greeting visitors to your website with an image that comes to life and immediately begins walking them through the process of becoming a customer. Instead of leaving a visitor to their own devices, animation can serve as an educational aid to both inform and encourage your audience to follow through on desired behaviors. The possibilities are endless when utilizing animation as a technical communication tool.  

Creative And Captivating Animation

In a market as large as Albuquerque, a simple animation alone might not be enough to draw the attention of your target audience. For this reason, we have spent years developing creative and vivid animations such as animated GFX. Just imagine a photo of a gorgeous New Mexico landscape, but instead of just a static image, the clouds start to float through the sky. We can combine static pictures with GFX details that create attention-grabbing advertisements which will attract audiences naturally to your brand.

Accessibility Applications

Not everyone in the world can easily navigate a website. These difficulties can arise from physical disabilities or just not being familiar with the digital realm. Animation offers an opportunity for your Albuquerque business to better serve every small subset of your target audience by simplifying the process of web navigation.

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