Branding & Identity Development

Logo & Identity Design, Persona & Audience Development, Public Relations

Brand development truly includes everything on this page. There is no greater thrill in advertising than creating a new brand alongside passionate partners. We have decades of experience crafting narratives, identities, goals, and audiences. Let’s make something special and make sure the right people see it. Today.

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Platinum Luxury Apartments

Branding & Identity Development
June 18, 2022

Why Do You Need a Strong Visual Identity?

In middle school, I tried to go through a goth stage. My goth idea was to wear black tee shirts with sarcastic sayings on them and have a chain on…
Branding & Identity Development
March 20, 2022

Branding: The GriffinWink Way

What is branding? It helps you to make your own place in the world and dictates how the public sees your product. Most importantly, however, your brand is the emotional…

Media Strategy

Traditional TV Strategy, OTT/Video Streaming Strategy, Audience Market Research

Media strategy is ever-evolving. GriffinWink is here to develop a comprehensive media strategy, including traditional cable and digital streaming services. With more targeting options than ever before, we can supercharge and modernize your budget with market research and media strategy.

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Watermaster Website Homepage

Media Strategy: Watermaster

A&R Plumbing Heating and Air Website Homepage

Media Strategy: A&R Mechanical

Media Strategy
April 27, 2022

The Truth About Email Marketing

Growing up, were you ever told that swallowing a watermelon seed would make it grow in your stomach? Or how about if you swallow a piece of gum, it won’t…
Couple watching Netflix in LivingroomMedia Strategy
March 10, 2022

Media Strategy: How We Do Traditional

Media strategy and the buying and placing on various media platforms is a science. Like any science, we start with a question: Who is our client and what market do…

Design & Print Work

Business Cards, Billboards, Mailers & Handouts

There is a deviously subtle art behind print design. It’s most effective when you don’t notice it. Like being able to read the menu at a restaurant even in low light, or whether a business card exchanged during pleasantries makes its way to the dresser or the trash. We’ll ensure your designs are not only captivating, but functional.

Pairs Well With: Web Design & Print Work

Westwind – Video Boxes

Monitors displaying digital design interfaceDesign & Print Work
January 30, 2022

Design & Print Work: Brand Recognition Out Of Home

We are a one-stop shop but don’t start thinking we are a one-trick pony. Keep scrolling to dive a bit deeper into the wealth of services we offer. Direct Mail…

A/V Production & Photography

Onsite Photography, Video & Commercial Production, Scripting & Casting, Podcasts

Whether your company needs employee headshots, product photos, or more, our in-house photography team will work around your schedule to capture the perfect images. Our decades of experience in video production can bring your vision to life to be used across platforms. We can handle it all, from writing the script to making the final cuts.

Pairs Well With: Web Design & Media Strategy
Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Website Homepage Layout

A/V Production: Lowery Plumbing, Heating & Air

Mighty Wash Logo

A/V Production: Mighty Wash

Videographer operating cameraA/V Production & Photography
February 5, 2022

Audio/Video Production Basics At GriffinWink

Video Production 4K Production: The most obvious benefit to 4K is the resolution. The detail is spectacular—a Standard HD frame sits at around 2 megapixels, while a 4K frame hits…
Phone with Spotify logo displayedA/V Production & Photography
February 20, 2020

Radio, Pandora, or Spotify: What’s Best for Your Business?

Listen up! Millions of people are blasting their favorite tunes every day, why not have them blast your advertisements as well? Like your favorite song, this idea sounds great —…

Web Design & Web Development

Website Design, E-Commerce, & Custom Development Projects

Your website is ground zero for your brand. It is the foundation your digital strategy will be built upon. Are you on a firm foundation? At GriffinWink, we thrive while creating captivating, goal-oriented websites, easy-to promote e-commerce stores, and even custom solutions for just about anything you can dream up.

Pairs Well With: Organic Digital Visibility & Paid Digital Visibility

Platinum Luxury Apartments

Web Design & Web Development
July 26, 2022

Multiverse – What It Is & What It Means for Advertising

The term "multiverse" may bring images of superhero comics and parallel universes to mind, but it is a reality we now live in. Consumers are no longer confined to one…
Website HTML CodeWeb Design & Web Development
February 15, 2022

Web Design & Development: The GriffinWink Way

Our Web Design Philosophy Web Design and development is a skill set that reaches across all areas of digital marketing. Your company’s website not only serves as a first impression…

Organic Online Visibility

Showing Up On Google & Maps, Social Media Management, Content Creation

Having your business be found on Google and Social Media when your audience is searching for the solutions you provide is crucial. This involves everything from regularly developing specific content to creating connections between your website and trusted sources. We’re not going to lie, it’s complex. But we can help.

Pairs Well With: Digital Reputation Management & Paid Digital Visibility
Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air Website Homepage Layout

Organic Visibility: Lowery Plumbing Heating & Air

WTX Foundation Repair Website Design Homepage

Organic Visibility: WTX Foundation Repair

Organic Online Visibility
May 4, 2022

What is Google Local Services & Why Should You Care?  

Google’s reach may extend across the world but for local searches, a trusted solution in our own neighborhoods can make all the difference. This is especially true for businesses that…
Organic Online Visibility
April 16, 2022

The Importance of Owning Your Business’s Facebook Page

A few years ago, you had an employee create a Facebook Page for your business. They might have even set up a Business Manager Account for your company. Now, a…

Digital Reputation Management

Google My Business, Review Automation, Social Media Management

A wise man once said, “be careful out there, marketing is dangerous”. That warning holds true today more than ever before. GriffinWink can make sure your brand thrives online in the various review forums pertinent to your industry. Discover our review automation solutions, and rest easy knowing your reputation is safe.

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Big Eyed Fish Outfitters Facebook Profile

Reputation Management: Big Eyed Fish

Samuel Design Group Facebook Page Profile

Reputation Management: Samuel Design Group

Digital Reputation Management
April 1, 2022

Social Media: A Dive Into Facebook and Instagram

Social Media... Here's what you should know about Digital Reputation Management and Advertising! Facebook Advertising Facebook has over 1.5 billion users every single day. That is 20% of the earth’s…
Finger hitting brand targetBranding & Identity DevelopmentDigital Reputation Management
March 1, 2021

Is Your Brand Ready for a Revamp?

Many business owners believe a "brand" is simply the company’s name and logo. While name and logo are key ambassadors for a brand, other characteristics are equally important. Your company’s brand encompasses the full experience your customers…