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12 Customer Experience Figures You Need to Know

Experiences are tied to memories, both positive and negative. We recall how an experience makes us feel, and for a customer, this memory can make or break a decision to interact with a brand. 

After the onset of COVID-19, there was a shift in consumer mindset, and themes surrounding trust and rapport became prominent drivers in the marketing universe. Expectations also began to shift as brands took on a more human form, treating customers as people rather than just another transaction. Brands can now curate an experience that reaches customers wherever and however they prefer, from email to SMS and beyond.  

Brands must establish an authentic connection with consumers to create memorable customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth in today’s world. Below you will find 12 key customer experience figures you need to know as you continue to grow your brand and carve out a solid customer base.  

Positive Experiences Are Vital  

  • Brands with superior customer experience see more revenue than competitors with weaker customer experience. (Source: Retail Customer Experience 
  • ‘Feeling underappreciated’ is a top reason consumers switch brands. (Source: Vonage 
  • (49%) of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a personalized customer experience. (Source: Segment 

Empathy is the Catalyst  

  • 59% of consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. (Source: Digital Humans 
  • 63% of consumers connect strongly to purpose-driven brands. (Source: Accenture 
  • 71% of customers prefer buying from brands that share similar values. (Source: 5W PR 

Fueled by Data  

  • 83% of consumers are open to sharing data in exchange for a more personalized experience. (Source: Accenture Pulse Check)  
  • 91% of customers are likely to shop with a brand that provides recommendations relevant to them. (Source: Accenture 
  • Brands must collect data used to outrank competitors, increase conversions, and establish a sense of trust and transparency. (Source: Truyo 

Consistency is Key  

  • 50% of consumers will leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly. (Source: TrueList 
  • 71% of customers expect a brand to have information readily available regarding their previous interactions. (Source: Emplifi 
  • 72% of customers are likely to share a positive experience with six or more people. Conversely, 13% will share their experience with 15 or more people if their experience is negative. (Source: SuperOffice 

Finding ways to connect with users with authentic execution specific to your brand will strengthen loyalty and build longevity. Keeping these figures in mind will help to reinforce your strategy and offer clarity should you hit any roadblocks. 

GriffinWink works alongside you to help define your brand, build equity, and convert people into customers – so if you’re ready to take your customer engagement to the next level, we would love to connect with you. Our goal is to help you foster a strong emotional connection between you and your target audience through consistent, effective, and purposeful communication. 

It’s time to dig deep – contact us today and let’s make something great together. 

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